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Project Summary

Effective species management requires an understanding of species’ response to changing conditions. The Atlantis model, used by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, explores ecosystems to consider impacts of multiple factors. It is currently being used to consider fisheries, climate change, the impacts of pollutants, and habitat damage due to fishing and mining. While Atlantis has been used around the world, this project is focused on effectively modeling the Tasman and Golden Bays region, as well as Chatham Rise. The Tasman and Golden Bays region are home to numerous fisheries (commercial, subsistence, and recreational), aquaculture, tourism and migratory birds. Working with local stakeholders, Atlantis is being used to explore management options to meet potential future outcomes.

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Hansen, L.J. 2016. Atlantis ecosystem modeling in Golden Bays, Tasman and Chatham Rise regions. Summary of a project from National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research produced for EcoAdapt’s State of Adaptation Program. Retrieved from CAKE: (Last updated August 2016)