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16 Dec 14

Ask not what CAKE can do for you, but what you can do for CAKE!

Dear Mavens,

Help! I can’t find the information I need! I know you all like CAKE but I can’t always find exactly the information I want on CAKE. I am working to develop adaptation strategies for feral hedgehog populations in suburban wildlife preserves. I’ve yet to find a single example of this issue on CAKE. How can I get the information I need?

Hoping to End Distress and Gain Independence for Every Suburban Animal Now

22 Nov 10

Want fiscal responsibility? Adapt now!

Dear Adaptation Mavens,

I don’t mean to gloat, but I’m just thrilled with the recent election results in the United States and rejection of climate change legislation in Canada. At last we’re going to get some fiscal responsibility back into our lives, along with a much-needed dose or reality. No more of these climate change zombies screaming that “the sky is falling” and claiming that we have to spend heaps of money to prepare for something that isn’t even real. The liberal elite may have been willing to shell out billions of dollars for climate adaptation, but the conservatives know a load of bunk when they see it. Why are the two of you still writing this silly column when it’s clear that the liberal agenda is failing?

Having A Heck of A Holiday

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