29 May 15

Are you ready to jump out of your silo naked?

Equity and social justice have been part of the international climate dialog for a long time, particularly around the issue of who contributes most to climate change (wealthy countries and people) vs. who suffers most as a result (poorer nations and people) and around gender (women often experience more climate change effects than men, and may be better at tackling community-level adaptation).

29 Apr 15

Ingeniophobia: Fact or Fear?

The Mavens received an unsolicited email yesterday from a journal interested in promoting “apprehension” of civil engineering, asking us to consider submitting manuscripts. We suspect that the authors of said email were thinking of “apprehension” meaning “increased understanding” rather than “fear,” but it got us wondering. We know some folks who fear (“loathe” might be a better term) engineered approaches to life.

27 Jan 15

Come one, come all to the 2nd National Adaptation Forum!

Dear Mavens,

I think I’m in over my head. I saw a job announcement for an adaptation specialist in the town where I live. I applied and I got the job. Here’s the rub, I’m an “evolutionary” adaptation specialist (Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology) and I didn’t know there was this other thing. Not entirely sure how I got hired but I am pretty civically engaged. (Maybe it was my “Adapt or Die” t-shirt?) Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited about my new job, I think it’s a really important topic and I’m reading all I can to get some good stuff going, but I feel like I need more help. Where can I get a crash course?


Over Head aM eYe

16 Dec 14

Ask not what CAKE can do for you, but what you can do for CAKE!

Dear Mavens,

Help! I can’t find the information I need! I know you all like CAKE but I can’t always find exactly the information I want on CAKE. I am working to develop adaptation strategies for feral hedgehog populations in suburban wildlife preserves. I’ve yet to find a single example of this issue on CAKE. How can I get the information I need?

Hoping to End Distress and Gain Independence for Every Suburban Animal Now