16 Dec 14

Ask not what CAKE can do for you, but what you can do for CAKE!


Dear Mavens,

Help! I can’t find the information I need! I know you all like CAKE but I can’t always find exactly the information I want on CAKE. I am working to develop adaptation strategies for feral hedgehog populations in suburban wildlife preserves. I’ve yet to find a single example of this issue on CAKE. How can I get the information I need?

Hoping to End Distress and Gain Independence for Every Suburban Animal Now

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Wow, that’s a big issue. We can only begin to imagine the many challenges that climate change will cause hedgehogs. In addition to any direct effects of climate change on hedgehogs, there may be increasing regulatory issues for those of us living outside of hedgehogs’ native range where hedgehogs are often banned as pets. Like many exotic species they can cause problems for native species, preying on lizards, snails, insects, and the eggs and chicks of ground-nesting birds. They are also susceptible to foot and mouth disease, and although no outbreaks have been linked to hedgehogs, many state and federal governments don’t want to take any risks. Given that climate change can increase the spread and severity of diseases, as well as increasing stresses on native species, it’s certainly possible that folks in the livestock and wildlife conservation sectors might push for increased efforts at control and eradicate hedgehogs as part of climate adaptation plans. One person’s adaptation may be another’s nightmare!

The Mavens have to admit that we don’t know the hedgehog field as well as you. But we don’t want you to give up on either hedgehogs or CAKE. In your case we see a great opportunity for you to make a difference if, to paraphrase John F. Kennedy, you “Ask not what CAKE can do for you, but what you can do for CAKE.”

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First, it would be a tremendous asset for the global community of feral, suburban hedgehog managers if you would create a case study! Share your ideas and what you are already doing by posting a case study, providing your contact information, or sharing any documents you’ve written on this pressing challenge.

Inquiring hedgehogs want to know!
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Second, the CAKE team at EcoAdapt builds more content when they have funds to do so—either following trends or through grants for specific topics. If you want more information on a specific issue, you might want to make a financial gift to CAKE so they have the resources to make even more CAKE! (Unlike the kind of CAKE you eat, donations to this CAKE are tax deductible!)

The REAL reason dinosaurs went extinct.
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Thirdly, if you think the feral hedgehog adaptation community needs more help, you could sponsor a CAKE Dashboard, a new feature that CAKE will unveil in 2015 to provide consolidated content for specific user groups. Your dashboard could be all hedgehogs all the time! And with your focus on such a charismatic animal, raising funds for a top-notch Dashboard should be no problem at all.

Adaptively yours,
The Mavens

P.S. The Mavens did not make this up to simply show you cute hedgehog pictures, we also did it to help the CAKE team raise funds to keep this valuable resource robust and viable…just like a hedgehog!

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