17 Feb 15

A Public Service Announcement from the Mavens


We know we missed sending you a valentine, so we want to get a jump on the Ides of March and make sure we are helping you avoid any potential ill that may come your way on that historically foreboding day. So think of this as our Ides-entine!

Apparently many people feel like climate change is a major bummer. There is new research that indicates that working on, thinking about, even being aware of climate change can be bad for your mental health. There is also a new study that suggests that it’s creating a culture war, which is also a bummer. While the obvious path to improved mental health could be as simple as putting your fingers in your ears and humming very loudly, that won’t work as the air around you gets hotter and your throat grows parched due to drought. Plus, you are an ADAPTATION PROFESSIONAL!

To counteract these professional hazards and give you that post-valentine lovin’ feeling, we offer the following clickable paths to happiness. Which one best describes your world view:

1) I want to be happy but I like to stay on message.

2) I want to be happy and feel like I’m still getting something done on my to-do list, like vacuuming!

3) I just want to be happy.

4) I’m not sure I want to be happy.

5) To paraphrase the character we don’t remember in Gregory’s Girl, “I don’t want to be happy. All the happy people I know are idiots. I want to be miserable with you.”

5) I don’t have time to click! I’m worried about climate change:

6) What were we talking about?

We assume that whichever answer you’ve clicked that we’ve been helpful…as always. We certainly feel better. Cat videos, man. They really are what make the world go round.

Happily ever after,
The Mavens

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