Freshwater Future


Freshwater Future helps people protect the Great Lakes.  We do this by providing funding, technical and communications assistance to groups working to protect and restore their rivers, lakes, wetlands and groundwater in the Great Lakes region.

Freshwater Future's mission is to build effective community-based initiatives to protect and restore the water quality of the Great Lakes basin.

Our vision is one Great Lakes community empowered to protect its rivers, lakes, wetlands and groundwater and that is connected to regional and national policy efforts involving the Great Lakes.

Our goals are: 1) to engage local grassroots groups in state, regional and federal policy passage and enforcement and insert the grassroots viewpoint into policy setting agendas, 2) to strengthen the capacity of individual groups in the Great Lakes region, and 3) to utilize innovative communications methods to become the lead organization to connect Grassroots Groups and citizens with each other, resources, experts and larger groups.

Adaptation Work:

Freshwater Future’s Climate Program focuses on how to recognize and incorporate climate change adaptation into the work you are already doing to protect water resources. The need for climate change adaptation is based on the fact that no matter how much we attempt to mitigate greenhouse gases, it is evident that sufficient results cannot be achieved in the short term. The Earth is committed to continuing climate change. We cannot elimate at this moment in time climate change impacts. These impacts will play out everywhere – in cities, rural communities, inland lakes and rivers, forests and other areas. The impacts will include more intense storms, increased precipitation, flooding of communities as well as drought and water supply shortages. These impacts will cause property damage as well as damage to ecosystems. Thus, to protect both human and natural communities, we must develop climate adaptation strategies. Learn more about climate change by visiting:

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