Indian Ocean Commission (IOC)

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The Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), known as the Commission de l'Océan Indien in French, is an intergovernmental body created in 1984 to defend the interests of the south-east indian ocean islands. It gathers Madagascar, Comoros, La Réunion (France), Mauritius and Seychelles.

Since 2008, as Climate Change is a major challenge for Small Island Developping States (SIDS), Climate Change Adaptation is an important part of IOC's actions, namely through the ACCLIMATE project (see and a few more projects in the fields of sustainable agriculture, natural risk management, research and building capacity. Acclimate's goal is to help IOC's state members to build their capacity to adapt to climate change and to design a common regional adaptation strategy.

The IOC is also in charge of the implementation of the Strategy of Mauritius, for the sustainable development of the Small Island Developping States.