The Art and Science of Developing a Menu of Climate Change Adaptation Actions for Managing Wildlife and Ecosystems

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The Adaptation Workbook is a structured process to consider the potential effects of climate change and design land management and conservation actions that can help prepare for changing conditions. The process is completely flexible to accommodate a wide variety of geographic locations, ownership types, ecosystems and land uses, management goals, and project sizes.

Our webinar will detail the broader process of developing a menu of climate adaptation strategies and approaches for terrestrial wildlife management to help managers translate broad concepts into specific tactics that will respond to climate change risks and meet desired management goals. We will present a recent application of this process for managing wildlife populations and their habitat. We will further demonstrate an ecosystem-specific application for developing climate adaptation strategies for vulnerable grassland systems. Understanding how climate change might affect ecosystems and wildlife is of mounting concern, and developing real-world climate adaptation plans is an essential tool for conservation practitioners and managers.

  • Stephen Handler¬†(USDA Forest Service and Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science)
  • Dr. Benjamin Zuckerberg¬†(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Jacy Bernath-Plaisted¬†(University of Wisconsin-Madison)