CDP Cities North America Workshop

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
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We are pleased to announce this year’s CDP Cities North America Workshop hosted with the City of San Diego on Wednesday, October 25th, 11:00AM-5:15PM, in San Diego, California. The CDP workshop follows the annual meeting for the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN)Our theme this year is on how cities and businesses can better engage each other to meet climate goals. The annual CDP cities workshop is an invaluable opportunity to engage with staff from other cities and towns committed to climate action, as well as engage with company representatives and investors. It is also an opportunity to learn how to maximize the benefits of disclosing to CDP.

There is substantial economic opportunity from collaboration for both cities and businesses. According to the CDP Global Cities Report 2016, cities that collaborate with business set more aggressive emissions reduction targets than cities that are not collaborating with business.  This suggests that collaboration helps cities aim higher on their climate actions than they would alone, and can make them more resilient in the face of climate change. An accompanying report last year, titled “It takes a city: The case for collaborative climate action.” focuses on the benefits for cities, regions, businesses and investors to collaborate on climate action.

We hope to have you join us at the workshop as we ask the following questions with engaged cities, companies and investors: How can cities and companies work more closely on their respective climate goals? What needs to happen to make this actionable? What is the role of data in this and what do cities need from companies and vice versa? How can cities benefit from company targets and goals in 100% RE targets, science-based target setting, and supply chain management?

Proposed Sessions:

·         After the U.S. Withdrawal From the Paris Agreement, Now What? How Cities and Companies Can Engage on Climate Advocacy and Action

·        San Diego Case Study: How the City is working with the private sector to reach 100RE

·        Driving Action through Disclosure: How your City can use CDP and corporate disclosure to meet climate goals

Please follow this link for the current agenda and to register your interest.