Climate Change Conversations: Bioeconomy, Forests, and Climate Change

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Yale Alumni Academy and the Yale School of the Environment have assembled a distinguished roster of expert faculty to address the leading climate change issues facing our wondrous planet. Please join us on Tuesday, December 5, 2023 as we discuss Bioeconomy, Forests, and Climate Change with Dr. Yuan Yao.

The bioeconomy concept encourages using biomass (like plant materials) to replace fossil fuels for producing fuels, chemicals, and various products. Many bioeconomy pathways have been proposed to address climate change and global resource changes. Forests are crucial in supporting this emerging bioeconomy by supplying wood for creating renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials. However, it is essential to assess the potential impacts on the environment, economy, and society that bioeconomy strategies may have, especially in the context of forests. These assessments provide vital insights for forest management, investment decisions, and policymaking.

This talk will discuss the concept of bioeconomy, its environmental implications, and the significant role of forests. In addition, the talk will introduce industrial ecology methods such as life cycle assessment, which are powerful tools to evaluate the sustainability of bioeconomy strategies and their potential impacts.