Climate Change & Watershed Security

Event Type: In Person
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Location: Radium Hot Springs Centre, BC, Canada
Topic: Climate Change & Watershed Security

Join us on September 27th, 2022 from 7-8 PM for an evening exploring our watershed and the monitoring framework. 

Glacier ice is nature’s savings account for water; but with disappearing glaciers, in conjunction with a warmer future, its availability will fundamentally change. Learn more about the state of water in the Columbia Basin in this presentation about the Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Framework, an innovative program that supports Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities and decision makers in understanding water quantity. Some people predict that our next wars will be around water. It’s that important.

  • Kat Hartwig, Executive Director, Living Lakes Canada 
  • Carol Luttmer, Columbia Basin Groundwater Monitoring Program Manager, Living Lakes Canada
  • Paige Thurston, Database & Community Engagement Coordinator, Living Lakes Canada