Coastal Resilience and Sustainability Seminar: International Lessons on Managed Retreat

Event Type: In Person
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Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Location: Talley Student Union 3210, North Carolina State University

Join us for an interesting conversation with Dr. Gavin Smith (NC State) and Dr. Wendy Saunders (New Zealand Earthquake Commission) as they discuss international lessons on managed retreat. Often referred to as “buyouts” in the United States, the acquisition of hazard-prone housing is a necessary approach to building climate resilience and sustainability and is increasingly being discussed as part of a larger managed retreat strategy. 

Drs Smith and Saunders research the practice and policy of managed retreat and will share an overview of their scholarship and recent collaborative endeavors, to include an international learning lab under development by Dr. Smith and colleagues at universities, centers, and municipalities in Australasia, Europe, and the United States. A panel discussion will follow.

  • Dr. Gavin Smith
  • Dr. Wendy Saunders