Environmental/Climate and Reproductive Health Film and Webinar Series

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Contact Info: Kelley Dennings, kdennings@biologicaldiversity.org
Topic: Environmental/Climate and Reproductive Health Film and Webinar Series

The Center for Biological Diversity will host an environmental and reproductive health film and webinar series every Thursday this fall beginning Oct. 5 (https://bit.ly/EH-RHfilms2023). The series will explore how capitalism harms the health of people and the planet.

Film dates and times:
- A Silent Transformation — film viewing Oct. 5–Oct. 12; webinar Oct. 12. The modern economy increasingly denies people basic amenities for a decent life. This documentary shows how the co-operative model is as critical as ever.
- Children of the Vine — film viewing Oct. 12–Oct. 19; webinar Oct. 19. This film is an unsettling investigation into the controversial herbicide Roundup and its impact on public health.
- We the Guinea Pigs — film viewing Oct. 19–Oct. 26; webinar Oct. 26. As plastic has become increasingly common in our lives, this film finds there is also a rise in the number of diseases and disorders, from breast cancer to sperm quality.
- The Climate Baby Dilemma — film viewing Oct. 26–Nov. 2; webinar Nov. 2. This invite-only, preview screening of The Climate Baby Dilemma presented by the Center explores the growing number of Gen-Z and millennials who are refusing to bring a child into an increasingly unstable world due to climate change or struggling with the question of whether they should.

Watch each film for free at your convenience for a week before each webinar on Thursdays at 4 p.m. PT/ 7 p.m. ET where there will be a live discussion and Q&A with people from the film, frontline communities, subject matter experts and Center staff.

Registration (https://bit.ly/EH-RHfilms2023) is required to view the films and attend the webinars.


Webinar panelists include ...

A Silent Transformation
- Adoma Addo, Center for Biological Diversity
- Emily Kawano, U.S. Solidarity Economy Network
- Alison Dreith, Midwest Access Coalition

Children of the Vine
- Dr. Tyrone Hayes, University of California Berkeley
- Brian Lilla, director of Children of the Vine
- Nsedu Obot Witherspoon, Children’s Environmental Health Network

We the Guinea Pigs
- Yvette Arellano, Fenceline Watch
- Swati Frayasam, University of California San Francisco, Reproductive Health and Environment Program
- Thalia Segal, MD, Collab Fertility

Climate Baby Dilemma
- Adelita Cantu, University of Texas and Association of Nurses for a Healthy Environment
- Sarain Fox, artist, activist and Indigenous ambassador
- Vicki Lean, director of Climate Baby Dilemma
- Payton Mitchell, activist and participant in film