High-Resolution Downscaling of Climate Projections for a Resilient Florida

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Topic: High-Resolution Downscaling of Climate Projections for a Resilient Florida

We are happy to announce our next Florida Water and Climate Alliance webinar on “High-Resolution Downscaling of Climate Projections for a Resilient Florida”  that will be held on Tuesday September 19, 10am – noon ET.

Florida’s resilience to flooding, access to adequate safe drinking water, and conservation of natural ecosystems face significant climate-related threats such as rising sea levels, storm surge, saltwater intrusion, extreme rainfall and extended droughts, and lengthy heat waves. Florida’s distinctive characteristics as a low-lying peninsula produce strong influences of sea breezes and ocean currents on its weather systems, which can pose a challenge for developing accurate future climate projections needed to evaluate and enhance Florida’s resilience.

This webinar will explore stakeholder needs for future climate projections, results of current high-resolution modeling of recent extreme rainfall events in SE Florida, and present Florida FloodHub strategies for developing statewide high-resolution future rainfall and temperature projections.

  • Tracy Irani, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Family Youth and Community Sciences Department, University of Florida, Climate Projections & Water Resources: Addressing Barriers & Advancing Solutions for Effective Decision Making
  • John Stamm, Ph.D., Supervisory Hydrologist, USGS Caribbean-Florida Water Science Center, Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) Simulation of the Extreme Rainfall Event of April 12, 2023 in the Fort Lauderdale Area
  • Tom Frazer, Ph.D., Executive Director, Florida FloodHub for Applied Research and Innovation, Florida FloodHub Working Group Plans for Developing Statewide Future climate projections