State, Tribal, Federal Coordination Meeting: Protecting Waters in Times of Rapid Change

Event Type: In Person
Start Date:
End Date:

What: 2022 State/Tribal/Federal Coordination Meeting: Protecting Waters in a Time of Rapid Change

Organization: National Association of Wetland Managers

Conference Dates: Aug 15-19

Location: National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, WV

Cost: $$$

Call for Abstracts: Submit abstract by June 15, 2022; All abstracts must address wetland-related issues relevant to the agenda topics for the 2022 Annual State/Tribal/Federal Coordination Meeting. 

Jon A. Kusler Student Scholarship Award: Apply for the scholarship by June 13, 2022

Descriptions: We invite you to join us for NAWM’s (formerly ASWM)Annual State/Tribal/Federal Coordination Meeting, to be held at the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) from August 15-19, 2022. The purpose of this annual meeting is to support state and tribal wetland program managers, and other wetland professionals as they respond to challenges in the coming year. Although we are currently scheduled to be at the NCTC, we will be monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic very closely and will follow all federal guidelines and mandates related to the pandemic. If circumstances require it, we will shift the meeting to a fully virtual format.

Focus Areas:

  • Sharing the Marsh: Approaches to Engaging Under-resourced Communities in Wetland Protections
  • Passing the Will-O’-Wisp: Continuity and Mentorship for Staffing Changes
  • Foraging for Funds: Sticking Your Straw into the Infrastructure Pot for Climate Resiliency
  • Staying Afloat: Regulatory Changes and Updates for States and Tribes
  • Learning to Fly: Advances in Tools and Technology
  • Building Your Nest: Developing a Community of Practice through Effective Outreach and Communications



  • Brenda Zollitsch, Senior Policy Analyst, National Association of Wetland Managers, (207) 892-3399 
  • Marla Stelk, Executive Director, National Association of Wetland Managers, (207) 892-3399

General Info:

  • Laura Burchill, Office Manager, National Association of Wetland Managers, (207) 892-3399