Building Decarbonization Program Manager - City of Olympia, WA

Post Date: 6/08/2023
Opportunity Type: Job
Organization/Grantor: City of Olympia
Position/Title/Fund: Building Decarbonization Program Manager - Full-time
Location: Olympia, WA
Deadline: June 28, 2023; Open until filled
Contact Info: Pamela Braff,

Under the general direction of the Director of Climate Programs, this position develops, plans, coordinates, implements and administers the City’s building decarbonization programs and initiatives to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions.  The Building Decarbonization Program Manager will develop and implement new energy efficiency and building decarbonization policies and programs; develop and provide community outreach and engagement to help Olympia residents and businesses implement energy efficiency and decarbonization measures; and apply an equity lens to improve program outcomes for frontline community members.

In addition, the position will monitor state, federal, and utility incentives available for building and energy retrofits, write and administer grant applications, and design programs to enhance community member use of incentives.  The Building Decarbonization Program Manager will also coordinate with other City programs and community partners to enhance energy improvement and decarbonization services for low- and moderate-income households (i.e., solar, heat pump, and energy audit programs).

Essential Functions

  1. Develops, plans, organizes, and implements energy efficiency and building decarbonization programs, policies and strategies to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Responsible for overall program strategy, evaluation, budget preparation and monitoring, cost-estimating and problem-solving related to building decarbonization programs and initiatives.
  3. Responds and adapts to changing program priorities and goals as set by the Director of Climate Programs, City Council and the City Manager.
  4. Develops key performance indicators and evaluates the impact of programs and policies in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Implements program revisions and updates based on the effectiveness of current program elements.
  6. Recommends and develops opportunities for new or improved projects, programs, tools, and partnerships to achieve Olympia's climate action and building decarbonization goals.
  7. Applies an equity lens to identify opportunities to improve the program and reach communities of color, low and moderate income, renters, non-English speaking, and other frontline community members.
  8. Coordinates with City departments to evaluate, develop and strengthen departmental and city-wide policies, plans, procedures and regulations in support of the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan and other program goals. 
  9. Conducts research, analyzes information and data, and synthesizes research findings into high quality work products, including informative summaries, fact sheets, presentations, and reports.
  10. Distills and translates complex information into clear, compelling materials for diverse audiences.
  11. Performs research and analysis of emission reduction measures to inform program implementation efforts.
  12. Develops programming and supports education and outreach around state and federal incentives for residents and businesses to decarbonize and improve energy efficiency.
  13. Develops and manages contracts and interlocal agreements to implement assigned programs as needed.
  14. Recommends, develops, and administers grant applications in support of the City’s climate and energy programs. 
  15. Serves as the City’s building decarbonization program liaison to outside entities including local jurisdictions, agencies, contractors and non-governmental partners.
  16. Develops strategic partnerships within the community to facilitate and expand emissions reduction and energy conservation efforts in support of the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan.
  17. Monitors federal, state and/or local regulations and guidance and recommends actions to achieve compliance with climate and energy policies and practices.

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How to Apply:
  • Submit a cover letter and resume by attaching them to your electronic application. The cover letter must be no more than two pages long and must include specific examples of how you meet the Ideal Candidate Profile for this position.
  • Open Continuous. Apply by midnight on June 28, 2023 to be considered in the first review of applications.
  • Only Electronic Applications are accepted.