Coastal Zone Management, Habitat Protection & Restoration Infrastructure Fund

Post Date: 8/02/2022
Opportunity Type: Funding
Organization/Grantor: Department of Commerce
Position/Title/Fund: Coastal Zone Management, Habitat Protection & Restoration Infrastructure Investment
Deadline: Oct 14, 2022

Funding Amount: $35,000,000 / Award Ceiling: $6,000,000

The purpose of this notice is to solicit grant proposals from eligible state and territory Coastal Zone Management Programs (CZM Programs) for coastal habitat restoration; coastal habitat restoration planning, engineering, and design; and land conservation projects that support the goals and intent of the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA), the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP), and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Public Law 117-58. For the purposes of this funding opportunity, coastal habitat conservation is defined as the acquisition of fee simple interest in real property or conservation easements.

NOAA anticipates that approximately $35 million will be competitively awarded to approved state and territory Coastal Management Programs. For habitat restoration engineering, design and planning, it is anticipated that projects will range from approximately $200,000-$500,000. For habitat restoration, it is anticipated that projects will range from approximately $2 million to $6 million per project. For land conservation, it is anticipated that projects will range from approximately $1 million to $4 million. Applicants may propose projects with a Federal funding request less than or more than these amounts, up to $6 million. 

The NOAA Office for Coastal Management (OCM) encourages applicants and awardees to support the principles of equity and inclusion when writing their proposals and performing their work. Promoting equity and inclusion through community engagement, co-development, and partnership improves creativity, productivity, and the vitality of the coastal management community that OCM supports.


Any coastal State or Territorial CZM Program that has been approved by NOAA pursuant to the Coastal Zone Management Act (16 U.S.C. § 1455) is eligible for habitat restoration and conservation funds under this announcement. Each applicant may submit no more than three letters of intent for consideration under this competition. For selected projects, NOAA may make financial assistance awards to the lead CZM Program agency, which will be responsible for ensuring that allocated funds are used for the purposes of and in a manner consistent with this program, including any funds awarded to an eligible sub-applicant. NOAA may, with concurrence of the State’s CZM Program lead agency, make a grant directly to an identified sub-applicant in order to expedite completion of an approved project. For these projects, the CZM Program lead state agency would submit the Letter of Intent and include a description of which CZM Program partner would be the final grant recipient. If the CZM Program is invited to submit a final application for this proposal, then the CZM Program partner would submit the final application through In such cases, the CZM Program partner (as the grant recipient) will be responsible for ensuring that allocated funds are used for the approved purposes of, and in a manner consistent with, this program.

DOC/NOAA supports cultural and gender diversity and is strongly committed to broadening the participation of historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic serving institutions, tribal colleges and universities, and institutions that work in underserved areas. While this program limits applicants to state and territorial CZM Programs, DOC/NOAA encourages applicants to include partners and contributors from any of the above groups or institutions. Non-governmental organizations are not eligible to hold title to lands acquired with these funds. However, non-governmental organizations may also participate as partners with eligible entities in the acquisition, restoration and long-term stewardship of lands through this program, such as: identifying target properties; conducting or assisting in acquisition negotiations to secure properties; conducting restoration activities; and providing stewardship and management of properties in perpetuity, including holding a secondary easement or other stewardship agreement for these lands.

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