Executive Director of Puget Sound Sage

Puget Sound Sage is a dynamic regional organization dedicated to building power and reshaping the economy and urban environment for workers and communities. Our growing organization is committed to racial justice and connecting community and worker organizing to achieve quality jobs, affordable housing, shared prosperity, and climate justice.

Our campaigns and theory of change are rooted in racial justice, which for us means a deep commitment to base-building in and with our coalitions and our core partner organizations to win innovative policy and build power in the region.

Position Summary

Puget Sound Sage is seeking an Executive Director to lead and carry out the vision and the strategic plan of the organization.

We seek a candidate who is aware of equity and anti-racist frameworks as they apply to organizational structure and management, and has the capacity and interest to lead within such a framework. They will be responsible for making clear and transparent strategic decisions, managing a team of experienced and talented staff, and serving as a liaison between Sage’s staff and its coalition board. They need to be a dynamic leader and the public face of Sage with government, funders, labor, and coalition partners. The ED will support actively the implementation of the fundraising strategies and serve on national, statewide, and regional coalitions, such as The Partnership for Working Families and Front and Centered.

The ideal candidate will be someone with local connections with labor and community and/or able to make and sustain local linkages, lived experience, and can work well with the Sage board and staff. They will exhibit strong communication skills both externally and internally.

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Ideal Start Date: October 1, 2017. Position open until closed.
  • Salary: $75 – 90K for 40 hours/week, depending on experience, plus benefits. Please send resume and cover letter to info@pugetsoundsage.org by August 21st.