Fieldside Recycling Assistant - College of the Holy Cross

Post Date: 6/03/2022
Opportunity Type: Job
Organization/Grantor: College of the Holy Cross
Position/Title/Fund: Fieldside Recycling Assistant - Part-time, temporary

The Fieldside Recycling Assistant will coordinate the College of the Holy Cross' pilot Fieldside Recycler project. This multi-stakeholder project aims to bring single-stream recycling to select Holy Cross hosted sporting events, mainly home football games, by 1) supplying the necessary infrastructure to recycle and 2) assisting patrons in sorting their waste properly.

This part-time and temporary position provides supervision to community volunteers and collaborates with the campus community. The College believes that the Cross' Fieldside Recyclers project will further joint goals to: 1) Establish infrastructure for single-stream recycling at sporting events; 2) Increase literacy around proper waste sorting and recycling among game patrons; 3) Support progress of the Carbon Commitment and Universal Apostlic Preferences.

Responsibilities: This position will be responsible for the coordination, implementation, and evaluation of the pilot Cross' Fieldside Recycler project. Recruit community member volunteers, using a variety of strategies, including emails, phone calls, and general outreach. Build relationships with community groups through excellent communication and active-listening skills. Conduct brief volunteer training on game days. Supervise volunteers on game days and monitor waste sorting activities. Coordinate temporary dumpster collection with waste hauler with the support of Facilities staff. Collaborate with Facilities staff to ensure proper waste infrastructure during games. Collaborate with campus stakeholders to manage volunteer incentives, such as t-shirts and free game tickets. Evaluate the project for potential improvements and challenges.

Qualifications: High School diploma required or equivalent. At least one year of recruiting or volunteer management experience. Working knowledge of proper waste sorting, including recycling, trash, and compost. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a range of stakeholders. Ability to supervise individuals and groups from different backgrounds and lived experiences. Ability to motivate and instruct others in the performance of assigned tasks Attention to detail. Positive / Professional attitude.