ITEP Summer Internship 2022: Tanana Chiefs Conference

Post Date: 5/30/2022
Opportunity Type: Job

Organization: The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP)

Position: Internship with the Tanana Chiefs Conference

Type: Internship; 6 to 8 weeks at the Henshaw Creek Weir site

Start Date: As soon as possible until the end of August

Deadline: Open until filled

Description: The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) Tribes and Climate Change Program is excited to announce another summer internship opportunity with the Tanana Chiefs Conference working with the Henshaw weir doing salmon restoration work in Alaska. This position is open until filled and begins as soon as possible and goes through the end of August. 

Subsistence harvesting of salmon on the Yukon River is a way of life for the indigenous people of Alaska. The Yukon River comes from the headwaters in Canadian and flows 2,000 miles to the ocean. The Henshaw Creek is a tributary of the Yukon River located in the Kanuti Refuge near the village of Allakaket. The Henshaw weir has been in operation for 20 years collecting counts on the passage of salmon into the spawning grounds. The average salmon passage through the historical weir average is 150,000 salmon. However, there were less than 30,000 salmon in 2021, Due to climate change, the weir was flooded and broke up, and new construction is needed for repairs.

Henshaw crew position will start as soon as possible and will end Aug 5th and as late Aug 12th (dates are flexible). The intern will be living in a remote field camp located at the Henshaw Creek Weir site. All crew will report to the supervisor who will oversee all operations. Other staff will consist of two techs, two TCC Staff andan internship. Hotel accommodation and flight arrangements to Allakaket will be made upon agreement with crew schedules. Satellite phones are available to call staff for reporting during the summer season.

The main work objective is collecting and monitoring salmon's escapement into spawning grounds. Candidates will receive training and certification in a motorboat and trailering, bear awareness, firearms safety, and first aid/CPR. The candidate will provide technical support, including weir maintenance, installation, monitoring fish passage, and collecting age-sex-length data from spawning adult salmon. Climate Change research objects will include studying the salmon crash. Additionally, responsibilities include remote field camp set-up and break-down, camp chores such as cooking, dishes, hauling water, assisting with logistical support, and helping facilitate weir repairs and rebuilding due to damages sustained during flooding in summer 2021.

How to Apply: Interested candidates should send a resume and letter of interest to

Question? For more internship details, please see the attached pdf. Please forward to your networks and interested students.