Program Officer (Equity)

Post Date: 3/29/2023
Opportunity Type: Job
Organization/Grantor: ICLEI USA
Position/Title/Fund: Program Officer
Deadline: April 7, 2023
Location: Remote
Contact Info:

The Program Officer serves as the go-to resource for local government members to connect with ICLEI experts and tools, best practices and resources, and each other. The Program Officer develops and implements annual work plans to advance each community’s climate and sustainability efforts using ICLEI’s support packages, offered across the Five Pathways: low-emissions, resilience, equity, circularity, and nature.

In this role, the Program Officer will split their time between development of ICLEI USA’s equity pathway and supporting a portfolio of approximately 80 local government members across a number of states.

In addition to direct support to members, the Program Officer will perform membership and account-management functions that are critical to identify and meet the needs of our diverse network (supporting megacities to small rural counties).

This broad and challenging set of responsibilities is best suited for an individual who has demonstrated abilities to take initiative, work independently and collaboratively, and who has a keen ability to “think on their feet” with quick decision-making aptitude.

This fully remote position requires 5-6 hours of video conference calls several days each week. Success requires a high-energy and personable approach, with a healthy dose of technical acumen to guide and direct local governments through phases of a holistic sustainability framework.

How to Apply:

Application materials must be emailed to For requirements and more information, please view the posting on our website:…