Thriving Earth Exchange Project - AGU Advancing Earth & Space Science

Post Date: 5/23/2022
Opportunity Type: Other

What: Thriving Earth Exchange Project

Deadline: June 1, 2022

Start Date: July 2022 cohort

Description: Thriving Earth Exchange projects start with community priorities and any community can start a project with us! We encourage communities of any size and type to submit a local priority, issue, and/or project idea related to natural hazards, the environment, or climate change.

Thriving Earth Exchange currently seeks communities in the Western hemisphere to apply. Since Thriving Earth’s current language of operation is English, we welcome community applications from community leads comfortable working in English. If requested, we may be able to select bilingual fellows (Spanish/English; French/English) to support community science projects in your communities. In the near future, we hope to be able to support Spanish-speaking and/or French-speaking communities.

Check out these examples:

Thriving Earth Exchange is free of charge for communities, and projects typically do not come with funding: we design projects that make an impact through creative problem-solving, in-kind support, and the resources at hand. Projects are supported by Community Science Fellows – project managers we train and match with you – and volunteer scientists and technical experts.

Thriving Earth Exchange launches projects quarterly, and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. If you’re not ready to join our latest cohort, you can still apply now and join a future cohort. Submit an application in response to a specific initiative, or at any time with a general idea!

Learn more about being a Thriving Earth Exchange community lead here, and check out a video Q&A here.

How to Apply: Use the form linked on the website to apply for future cohorts or submit a general application. Not quite ready for the current cohort? Submit an application now and select “other” to describe the project you want to be considered for future calls.

Questions? You can also email us at any time at or call us at (202) 777-7309 to talk through your idea for a project. We’re happy to hear from you!