Funding for Climate Change Adaptation Research Grants Program


This research call is for 12 potential projects, related to priority research questions/topics in six NARPs. The list below summarises the content of this call.

Project number NARP — Topic/research question

1. Across-NARP — Decision-making tools for adaptation

2. Across-NARP — International context of adaptation

3. Across-NARP — Integrated landscape adaptation

4. Across-NARP — Conservation goals for terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity

5. Emergency management — How will climate change affect the emergency management sector’s capacity to support preparedness, response and recovery?

6. Emergency management — What is the role of the private sector in adaptation through emergency management?

7. Settlements and infrastructure — What would a climate-adapted Australian settlement look like? [from the perspective of future climate-adapted coastal small-town communities in 2030]

8. Freshwater biodiversity — Climate change adaptation and groundwater-dependent ecosystems

9. Social, economic and institutional dimensions — Identification of the capacity of individuals, households, communities, businesses, industries and governments to adapt to climate change, and of options to enhance this capacity.

10. Social, economic and institutional dimensions — Understanding the cognitive and affective dimensions of adaptation.

11 & 12. Social, economic and institutional dimensions — Assessing the potential for, and limits to, market-based adaptation measures, including insurance markets

NCCARF reserves the right to fund more than one project, or none, in each of the twelve identified project areas.

Who can apply?

Proposals will be accepted from public or private research institutions, consortia of researchers, or individual researchers. The submissions will be considered from all interested parties regardless of any participation in or affiliation with the NCCARF and/or any of the Adaptation Research Networks.

Application Package

Documents relevant to the call are:

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