Organization Overview: 

The BC Ministry of Environment is tasked to foster and enhance a clean, healthy and naturally diverse environment. In 2009, the Environmental Stewardship and Parks and Protected Areas Divisions of the BC Ministry of Environment distributed Common Statements of Understanding and Working Principles related to climate change adaptation. These principles should be taken into consideration in all future projects and planning. The Ministry recognizes that it must prepare for and adapt to the unavoidable impacts rising greenhouse gas concentrations will cause throughout the Province. To achieve this objective, strategies include:

  • supporting and collaborating with research institutions and organizations that can develop and deliver the tools decision-makers need to adapt, and
  • developing a government-wide strategy for climate change adaptation.
Organization Location: 
PO Box 9398
V8W 9M9 Victoria , BC
British Columbia CA
Mission/Vision Statement: 

The Ministry supports government goals and initiatives by:

  • supporting government’s priorities, Families First, Jobs and the Economy, providing leadership in ensuring our natural legacy for future generations, and supporting positive economic outcomes for B.C.;
  • leading the world in sustainable environmental management by ensuring clean and safe water, land and air, ensuring healthy and diverse native species and ecosystems, and protecting and restoring parks and habitats;
  • taking action on climate change by leading the implementation of the B.C. Climate Action Plan;
  • working with the Province’s partners to ensure the environmental health and sustainability of B.C.’s environmental resources;
  • openly sharing useful and informative environmental data with the public;
  • creating environment-related jobs through opportunities within the public service and through the development of programs with Ministry partners and with industry; and
  • promoting outdoor recreational opportunities for families and other visitors in B.C. parks and protected areas.