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As part of the EcoAdapt team, Whitney provides key research support to the Adaptation Consultation and State of Adaptation programs. Her primary responsibilities include integrating climate science into resource management frameworks via climate change vulnerability assessments and development of adaptation strategies, gathering and documenting examples of climate change adaptation projects and management options, and developing guidance to support management decisions under changing climate conditions.

Whitney is an environmental specialist with particular interest in understanding how different climate and non-climate stressors combine to create cumulative effects in our natural systems, and identifying viable management options and tools to minimize associated exposure and impacts. Whitney graduated from Santa Clara University with a double major in Environmental Science and Biology, and has a diversity of experience in scientific field research and technical scientific writing. From studying beetle phenology in the high Sierra Nevada to monitoring sea lion colonies in the Galapagos Islands, Whitney has enjoyed working with a variety of scientists, natural resource managers, and environmental organizations, and hopes to continue engaging in these collaborative efforts in the future.

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95062 Santa Cruz , CA
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College degree