Climate, Land Management and Future Wildlife Habitat in the Pacific Northwest

Emilie Henderson
Posted on: 7/18/2022 - Updated on: 7/18/2022

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Balancing socio-economic and ecological demands on forests is an ongoing challenge and may be further complicated by future changes in climate. Land managers need information on the potential effects of climate change for future management planning that considers the diversity of valuable natural resources (forest products, clean water, wildfire control, etc.) that are linked to vegetation. The objectives of this project are to explore how climate and land management in southwestern Oregon and coastal Washington might interact to shape future vegetation and wildlife habitat, and determine what management actions will likely maximize habitats for key species. Through computer simulations that are run under a range of future management and climate scenarios, this project will build upon a body of knowledge that can help inform management planning for a changing future, raising the likelihood that ecosystems can be sustained for both humans and wildlife.


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