Monitoring and Evaluation of National Adaptation Policies Throughout the Policy Cycle

European Environment Agency
Posted on: 12/29/2023 - Updated on: 1/25/2024

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The Global Goal on Adaptation aims to enhance adaptive capacity, strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change. Given the impact of climate-related hazards, the question is not whether adaptation is necessary, but what are the adaptation options to increase resilience.

Monitoring, reporting and evaluation (MRE) was identified as an emerging area in the European Environment Agency's (EEA) 2014 report on national adaptation policy processes and was further described in its 2015 technical report National monitoring, reporting and evaluation of climate change adaptation in Europe. The need for sharing lessons learned on MRE has been continually increasing ever since. Over the last 5 years, lots of progress has been made globally in policy fields connected to adaptation, such as sustainable development or disaster risk reduction, and at national level with the development and implementation of national adaptation policies and, already in several cases, the revision of them. 

This report provides an overview of country developments in terms of strategies and plans for climate change adaptation (CCA) and their implementation in a context of global and European policy frameworks. The report brings together lessons learned — at the national level — on adaptation MRE, future directions and opportunities for mutual learning on evaluating CCA strategies and plans at national and European levels and the implications of emerging reporting requirements from relevant EU policies to improve evaluation at the EU level.

The main audience addressed in this report is experts involved in national adaptation policies, strategies and plans and those involved in climate change adaptation at the European level. This report is also meant as an input for managers in sectors and activity fields that are mentioned in national adaptation plans and those who are responsible for the measures described therein.


European Environment Agency (2020). Monitoring and Evaluation of National Adaptation Policies Throughout the Policy Cycle.

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