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The USGS Coastal Change Hazards Portal allows users to explore and interact with data, models, and tools related to three primary coastal hazard categories: severe storms, shoreline change, and sea level rise. The portal hosts an on online visualization tool for all three hazard categories, and users can download all source data, publications, and relevant resources for external use. In addition, users can group data and resources from different hazard areas to explore synergistic interactions of different coastal hazards. By providing post-storm analyses and scenario-based projections of storm impacts, documented changes and trends in shoreline change, and two separate sea level rise/shoreline change vulnerability analyses, the USGS Coastal Change Hazards Portal provides easily accessible, actionable information that can be used by decision-makers at a variety of levels to enhance adaptation, planning and preparedness activities in coastal regions.

Phase of Adaptation: Awareness, Assessment, Planning

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Regional/state/local authorities, planners, policymakers, natural resource managers

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