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Extreme Water Levels in an online product that allows users to analyze the likelihood that local tides will exceed a given elevation (mean high or low water) at different monthly and yearly time scales. Extreme Water Levels calculates these likelihoods based on over 30 years of monitoring data, and provides viewers with a rough idea of extreme tide heights expected every year, every other year, every 10 years, and every 100 years. Exceedance probabilities can be paired with real-time monitoring to document and determine extreme events, but can also be used for planning purposes to prepare for extreme low- or high-tide scenarios. Data is relevant only for specific NOAA CO-OPS monitoring stations, but a color-coded map allows general comparisons between different U.S. regions and sites.

Phase of Adaptation: Awareness, Assessment, Planning, Monitoring

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Land managers, water utility managers, natural resource managers, local authorities, planners, policymakers, engineers, scientists

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