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Posted on: 3/23/2021 - Updated on: 8/18/2022

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Kathryn Braddock


Policymakers and practitioners are increasingly seeking robust evidence on the effectiveness of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for climate change mitigation and adaptation. As nations revise or prepare new climate change adaptation policies, including NDCs and National Adaptation Plans, it is particularly important that a more comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of NbS for climate change adaptation is available. A rigorous scientific evidence base is crucial for policy and practice on NbS, including for target setting, planning, and governance, and to achieve coherence across policy goals. Although there has been a rapid growth in studies addressing these questions, the evidence remains scattered hindering the mainstreaming of NbS into policy and planning.


To consolidate the large dispersed evidence-base on the effectiveness of NbS for addressing climate change impacts and to make it available as an open-source, dynamic, and updatable user-friendly online platform.

Specific objectives:

  1. To allow decision-makers to rapidly identify articles that report effects of nature-based interventions on climate impacts across a range of ecosystem types and geographies
  2. To highlight synergies and/or trade-offs between climate impact reduction and greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation, and/or ecological and social outcomes
  3. To highlight knowledge gaps to steer future research

This is an interactive map linking nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation outcomes based on a systematic review of the peer-reviewed literature. 

With this tool you can:

  1. Explore evidence on how effective different nature-based interventions are for addressing climate change impacts 
  2. Compare social, economic, and ecological effects of different nature-based interventions 
  3. Filter by region, country, ecosystem type, intervention type, or type of outcome 
  4. Generate maps, graphs and download data
  5. Directly link from science to national climate policy


Policymakers, adaptation practitioners, decision-makers


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