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NOAA provides science and information for a climate-smart nation. Americans’ health, security, and economic well-being are closely linked to climate and weather. People want and need information to help them make decisions on how to manage climate-related risks and opportunities they face.

NOAA is a source of timely and authoritative scientific data and information about climate. Our goals are to promote public understanding of climate science and climate-related events, to make our data products and services easy to access and use, to provide climate-related support to the private sector and the Nation’s economy, and to serve people making climate-related decisions with tools and resources that help them answer specific questions.

Each of the tabs in NOAA is designed to serve a different audience:

  1. News & Features is a popular-style magazine for the science-interested public covering topics in climate science, adaptation, and mitigation. Visit the section…
  2. Maps & Data is a gateway for scientists and specialists to find and use climate maps and data for research and analysis. Visit the section…
  3. Teaching Climate offers learning activities and curriculum materials, multi-media resources, and professional development opportunities for formal and informal educators who want to incorporate climate science into their work. Visit the section…
  4. Supporting Decisions is a clearinghouse of reports, resources, and decision-support tools for planners and policy leaders who want authoritative climate science information to help them understand and manage climate-related risks and opportunities. Visit the section…
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Public, policy makers, planners, and other people making climate-related decisions

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