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Tidal Flooding is an educational, online, narrated presentation provided by the NOAA Office for Coastal Management that describes tidal flooding and the risks communities may face with increased tidal flooding from heavy rains, sea level rise, and continued coastal development. The presentation outlines the formation of extreme high tides, potential impacts of extreme high tides, and how flooding will change with sea level rise. The presentation also describes five potential adaptation strategies that communities can use to prepare and increase resilience to tidal flooding (stabilizing the shoreline to protect coastal assets, realigning roads and creating green space, relocating and restoring buildings, improving tidal flow to marshes, and raising roads). For each of the strategies, the presentation offers a brief description and example, as well as a link for users to visit if they would like to see more information about the examples provided. The presentation also links to various other resources if viewers would like to learn more about flooding data, impacts, and response strategies.

Phase of Adaptation: Awareness, Sharing

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Land managers, local authorities, planners, community members

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