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Previous Monthly Slices of CAKE 15-Feb-11 No
Coastal Adaptation to a Changing Climate: Lessons from America’s Coasts 13-Jan-11 No
Coastal Zone Workshop Title 6-Apr-11 No
2010 Wild Links: Building Partnerships, Connecting Habitats, Adapting to Change 16-Aug-10 Yes
Western Hemisphere Migratory Species Initiative 2010 Conference, December 6 - 9, 2010 18-Nov-10 Yes
EPA Webinar Part Three: Federal Resources and Support for Climate Change Adaptation will be held January 13 from 2:00-3:30 PM EST 18-Nov-10 Yes
EPA Webinar Part Two: Adaptation Planning and Implementation will be held December 15, 2010 from 2:00-3:30 PM EST 18-Nov-10 Yes
Online Learning: EPA webcasts and podcasts on climate and energy 17-Nov-10 Yes
The Conservation Fund 10-Nov-10 Yes
Postdoc: Terrestrial Ecosystem Feedbacks to Climate Change: Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon 3-Nov-10 Yes
COP 16 Side Event: Climate services for all: UN Delivering as one on Climate Knowledge 18-Nov-10 Yes
Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) Peer Evaluation and Planning Meeting, 22-25 November 2010 18-Nov-10 Yes
Agriculture and Rural Development Day, Cancun (Quintana Roo), Mexico 18-Nov-10 Yes
12th Meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board, December 13-15, Cancun Mexico 18-Nov-10 Yes
Joint FAO/UNDP/UNEP Meeting on “Regions and Biodiversity in a Context of Climate Change,” 14 - 16 December 18-Nov-10 Yes
Commission on Genetic Resources for Food & Agriculture Special Event on Climate Change 18-Nov-10 Yes
Seventh “Environment for Europe” Ministerial Conference 18-Nov-10 Yes
ICARUS II Conference– Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation: Marginal Peoples and Environments, May 5 - 8, 2011, Ann Arbor, MI 18-Nov-10 Yes
Climate Change Adaptation Tools for Addressing Water Issues Webcast, 1-3 pm EST 29-Nov-10 Yes
Environmental Flows as a Tool for Climate Change Adaptation 3-Nov-10 Yes
November 18, 2010, 2:00-3:30 PM (EST): Climate Impacts and Risk Communication (webcast) 27-Oct-10 Yes
The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE)’s 11th National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment: Our Changing Oceans 25-Oct-10 Yes
Webinar: America's Climate Choices: Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change 17-Aug-10 Yes
Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change - Online Courses Begin March 15 3-Mar-11 Yes
76th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference 27-Aug-10 Yes
140th meeting of the American Fisheries Society: “Merging our Deeper Currents” 27-Aug-10 Yes
78th Midwest Assn. of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (MAFWA) Annual Director's Meeting: June 26-29, 2011, Centerville, IA 27-Aug-10 Yes
66th Annual NEAFWA Conference: April 25-27, 2011, Newton, MA 27-Aug-10 Yes
Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Annual Conference; October 17-20, 2010, Biloxi, MS 27-Aug-10 Yes
Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Winter Meeting: January 6-9, 2011, Tucson, AZ 27-Aug-10 Yes
Climate Change and the Florida Keys 20-Jul-10 Yes
From Impacts to Adaptation: Canada in a Changing Climate 2007 31-May-08 Yes
The Challenge of Climate Adaptation: Local, State, National, and Global Perspectives; BNA Webinar: 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (ET) 30-Aug-10 Yes
Consultant - Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, RARE 1-Mar-11 Yes
ICLEI Local Action Summit 2010; EmPowering Sustainable Communities 22-Sep-10 Yes
Aggregation and Mitigation For Forest Conservation; September 29 at 11 am, online expert chat and webinar 23-Sep-10 Yes
MIT research project on evaluating the effectiveness of climate change adaptation projects 1-Oct-10 Yes
Jennie Hoffman signing copies of Climate Savvy at Rally, at the IP booth 4-Oct-10 Yes
Funding Opporunities for early learning through high school environment education 20-Oct-10 Yes
COP16: Minsterial-presidential high-level panel on water & climate 6-Dec-10 Yes
Lions and Tigers and Bears! Pioneers of Landscape-Scale Conservation (webinar) 14-Dec-10 Yes
Glaciers and the Science of Climate Change; An Alaskan Geology Cruies 20-Dec-10 Yes
Interior Department Invites Proposals for Northeast, South Central and Pacific Climate Science Centers 4-Mar-11 Yes
EPA Environmental Education Grants 4-Mar-11 Yes
Comment Period open on NWR 10-year vision: Let them know they need to incorporate climate change into their planning 4-Mar-11 Yes
National Workshop on Climate and Forests to be held in Flagstaff, Arizona, from May 16 to 18: Registration deadline is April 2nd 4-Mar-11 Yes
National Workshop on Climate and Forests: Planning Tools and Perspectives on Adaptation and Mitigation Options 4-Mar-11 Yes
Preparing for a Changing Environment: Observations from Focus Groups and Interviews About Climate Change Adaptation (webinar) 2 pm EST 7-Mar-11 Yes
Federal Agency Climate Change Adaptation Planning: Support Document 3-Mar-11 Yes
State Department soliciting interest for International Climate Change Policy Negotiator position 15-Mar-11 Yes
Climate Change and Biodiversity: Forecasts from the Past 22-Feb-11 Yes
"Eyewitness to Climate Change" Presentation by world renowned polar explorer Will Steger 21-Mar-11 Yes
Offer Your Ideas by April 22to Help Shape the U.S. National Wildlife Refuge System’s Future! 19-Apr-11 Yes
Preparing for Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest 16-May-11 Yes
Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change: Steps to Make Your Community More Resilient 7-Jun-11 Yes
Southeast Climate Consortium 5-Jul-11 Yes
Backdraft: Minimizing Conflict in Climate Change Responses 6-Jul-11 Yes
Senior Consultant, Engineer (Climate Change & Sustainability) 26-Aug-11 Yes
Climate Change Associate (CA Wildlife Foundation, Sacramento), Apply by March 11 4-Mar-11 Yes
Adaptation of Turtle Beach Junquillal to Climate Change 16-Sep-09 Yes
Jennifer Hoffman Presents and Signs 'Climate Savvy : Adapting Conservation and Resource Management to a Changing World' 22-Feb-11 Yes
Greenhouse 2011: The Science of Climate Change, April 4-8, 2011 3-Jan-11 Yes
Degrees of Change: Climate Warming and the Stakes for Canada 4-Oct-10 Yes
Rainforest Alliance searching for Consultant, Southeast Asia Forest Carbon Capacity Development, location: Bali 5-Jan-11 Yes
National Academies’ Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education seeks a Director of its Committee on the Human Dime 14-Jan-11 Yes
WCS Climate Adaptation Fund will re-grant $4 million to support wildlife adaptation projects; request for proposals spring 2011 14-Jan-11 Yes
Preparing States for a Changing Climate: Low-cost strategies for State Climate Change Adaptation Planning; March 1, 2011 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST 24-Feb-11 Yes
National Workshop on Climate and Forests: Planning Tools and Perspectives on Adaptation and Mitigation Options; May 16-18 21-Jan-11 Yes
The George Wright Society Conference on Parks, Protected Areas & Cultural Sites • New Orleans, Louisiana • March 14–18, 2011 10-Feb-11 Yes
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Webinar 10-Feb-11 Yes
Biodiversity consequences of climate change: forecasts from the past Webinar 10-Feb-11 Yes
European Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change 2011, Science, Policy & Practice, April 12 & 13 13-Feb-11 Yes
A Scientific Symposium: Facing the Elements: Transportation System Resilience in an Era of Extreme Weather and Climate Change 14-Feb-11 Yes
Bard CEP's Masters in Climate Science and Policy, application deadline March 15th 14-Feb-11 Yes
PANAMA: Regional Research and Study Abroad Program on Climate Change and Sustainable Development, application deadline March 15 15-Feb-11 Yes
Third International Conference on Climate Change, July 21, 2011 – July 22, 2011 15-Feb-11 Yes
Preparing for Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest 22-Feb-11 Yes
Urban Sustainability Leadership Academy workshop for local government sustainability directors/coordinators 26-Aug-11 Yes
Risk & Resiliency: Risk Transfer & Adaptation in Developing Economies Tweet This 11-Aug-10 Yes
71st Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference 17-May-10 Yes
2010 Watershed Management Conference: "Innovations in Watershed Management Under Land Use and Climate Change:: August 23-27, 2010; Madison, Wisconsin 9-Mar-10 Yes
California and the World Ocean 2010: September 7-10, 2010; San Francisco, CA 9-Mar-10 Yes
Adapting Conservation and Management to Climate Change: An Overview 1-Dec-09 Yes
Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve 16-Jul-10 Yes
Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts (WICCI) 16-Jul-10 Yes
Québec and Climate Change – A Challenge for the Future; 2006–2012 Climate Change Action Plan 31-May-08 Yes
Island Press 16-Mar-10 Yes
66th Annual Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference: Climate Change and Wildlife Conservation - Adaptation and Mitigation 23-Mar-10 Yes
Beyond Seasons’ End: A Path Forward for Fish and Wildlife in the Era of Climate Change Yes
The State of the Birds: 2010 Report on Climate Change 10-Mar-10 Yes
Adapting to Climate Change: Agency Science Needs to Adapt Game Management to Changing Global Climate 30-Jun-07 Yes
Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change: A Critical Tool for Adaptation Planning 27-Jan-10 Yes
Webinar: Development of a National Fish and Wildlife Climate Adaptation Strategy with with Dan Ashe, FWS; John Kostyack, NWF; Michael Hutchins, The Wildlife Society 23-Mar-10 Yes
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON URBANIZATION AND GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE. Theme: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainability in an Urbanizing World 29-Mar-10 Yes
Open Science Meeting 2010: Land Systems, Global Change and Sustainability 29-Mar-10 Yes
The Economics of Climate Change: An International Conference, April 9-10 1-Apr-10 Yes
Niches, models, and climate change: Assessing the assumptions and uncertainties 16-Nov-09 Yes
ICEE 2010 : "International Conference on Energy and Environment:" July 28-30, 2010; Stockholm, Sweden 9-Mar-10 Yes
APS Intersociety Meeting “Global Change and Global Science: Comparative Physiology in a Changing World:” August 4-7, 2010; Westminster, Colorado 9-Mar-10 Yes
24th International Congress for Conservation Biology, “Conservation for a changing planet:” July 3-7, 2010; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 9-Mar-10 Yes