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Kevin Werner, Will Travis, Amber Pairis, Michael McCormick, and Lara Hansen
August 19, 2014

The Local Government Commission and the State of California organized the first California...

Stephen Handler, Matthew Duveneck, Louis Iverson, Emily Peters, Robert Scheller, Kirk Wythers, Leslie Brandt, Patricia Butler, Maria Janowiak, Danielle Shannon, Chris Swanston, Kelly Barrett, Randy Kolka, Case McQuiston, Brian Palik, Peter B. Reich, Clarence Turner, Mark White, Cheryl Adams, Anthony D’Amato, Suzanne Hagell, Patricia Johnson, Rosemary Johnson, Mike Larson, Stephen Matthews, Rebecca Montgomery, Steve Olson, Matthew Peters, Anantha Prasad, Jack Rajala, Jad Daley, Mae Davenport, Marla R. Emery, David Fehringer, Christopher Hoving, Gary Johnson, Lucinda Johnson, David Neitzel, Adena Rissman, Chadwick Rittenhouse, and Robert Ziel
May 31, 2014

Forests in northern Minnesota will be affected directly and indirectly by a changing climate...