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The America’s Climate Choices (ACC) Panel on Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change was charged to “describe, analyze, and assess actions and strategies to reduce vulnerabilities, increase adaptive capacity, improve resilience, and promote successful adaptation to climate change in different regions, sectors, systems, and populations.” In this report, the panel states that anticipatory climate change adaptation is a highly desirable risk-management strategy for the United States.
This report presents a number of findings and recommendations regarding the need for a national climate change adaptation effort. The recommendations begin with a call for all decision makers—within national, state, tribal, and local agencies and institutions, in the private sector, and NGOs—to identify their vulnerabilities to climate change impacts and the short- and longer-term adaptation options that could increase their resilience to current and projected impacts. They call for the development of a collaborative national adaptation strategy and program, including a significant climate change research effort as part of an integrated climate change research initiative. They suggest adaptation planning and implementation by U.S. states and tribes, local governments, and the private sector, nongovernmental institutions, and society at large, in a spirit of national partnership; and they suggest U.S. support for international adaptation programs. Finally, they suggest incorporating adaptation objectives into a number of existing federal government programs.

National Academies Press
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America's Climate Choices
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National Research Council
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