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Using the framework of local comprehensive planning and the Washington State Comprehensive Plan requirements under the Growth Management Act, this guidance was developed to enable understanding and inclusion of anticipated climate change impacts into the local long-range planning by Puget Sound government officials and citizens.

This resource intends to enable your community to incorporate climate-informed decisions into your local comprehensive planning. Users should be able to find relevant local climate change information (including projections), formulate questions to help evaluate the implications of climate change on any element of community planning, and make climatesavvy goals, policies, and implementation decisions that will generate the best long-term outcomes for your community — its businesses, schools, services, recreation, ecosystems and individuals.

Recommended Document Citation

Hansen, L.J., S.J. Nordgren and E.E. Mielbrecht. 2016. Climate Change Adaptation through Local Comprehensive Planning: Guidance for Puget Sound Communities. EcoAdapt, Bainbridge Island, WA.