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In the Northeast, the impacts of a changing climate are clearly evident and well-documented. Leaders in the region recognize the need to be proactive in adapting to such changes, but do not yet have the resources and tools they require to do so successfully. This report presents a snapshot of the needs of local, regional and state governments in undertaking such climate preparedness efforts. The goal is to target assistance effectively, and to help our partners in this effort—policy-makers, NGOs and others—do the same. The research was conducted in 2010 and early 2011 and involved extensive individual interviews as well as an online survey distributed to more than 200 communities. The responses, which were well distributed throughout the region, indicate that communities are concerned about climate change impacts, but in order to progress they need technical, communications, and financial assistance, and that increased coordination, collaboration and resource sharing is a high priority. These assessments provide a framework for policy-makers to better understand the regional adaptation needs of the Northeast and thus more efficiently address climate related issues in the area.

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Northeast, United States
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