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Promising Practices for EJ Methodologies in NEPA Reviews, an EJ IWG report produced by the NEPA Committee (hereinafter referred to as “Promising Practices Report”) represents the professional experience, knowledge, and expertise of the individuals participating in the NEP A Committee. The NEP A Committee (see List of NEP A Committee Participants from ten departments, three agencies, and one White House office) spent almost 48 months researching, analyzing and discussing the interaction ofenvironmentaljusticeandNEPA. ThePromisingPracticesReportisacompilationof methodologies gleaned from current agency practices identified by the NEPA Committee concerning the interface of environmental justice considerations through NEPA processes. The EJ IWG and NEPA Committee hope that this compilation will disseminate promising EJ practices across the federal government so that we can learn from one another about effective ways to build robust consideration of environmental justice into our NEPA practice. This document draws from existing environmental justice and NEPA Guidance developed by White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) and federal agencies, but is not and should not be considered formal guidance.