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The Immediate Action Workgroup of the Governor’s Executive Subcabinet on Climate Change was established to address known threats to communities caused by coastal erosion, thawing permafrost, flooding, and fires. The objective was to close a planning and execution gap identified by Governor Palin and the Congressional delegation by creating a unifying mechanism to assist the communities of Newtok, Shishmaref, Kivalina, Koyukuk, Unalakleet,and Shaktoolik. These communities face imminent threats of loss of life, loss of infrastructure, loss of public and private property, or health epidemics caused by coastal erosion, thawing permafrost and flooding.

These collective recommendations represent an intensive collaborative effort undertaken in an open public forum to address the immediate needs of the State and these immediate actions combined with the policy recommendations were developed to serve as a template and model to assist other Alaska communities in an effective manner as they may become or are impacted by erosion and other natural hazards that seem to be increasing in number and severity.

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Alaska, USA

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Immediate Action Workgroup. (2009). Recommendations to the Governor's Subcabinet on Climate Change. The State of Alaska. Retrieved from CAKE: