Foundational Resources

The Toolkit provides a wealth of documents, case studies, guides and tools to inform your adaptation work, which can be overwhelming when starting out. Here are resources the project team considers great starting places. These resources are also foundational to every step of the Adaptation Ladder of Engagement. The list is curated and does not necessarily represent the full portfolio of what is available. It is a list of foundational resources upon which to build your adaptation work or provide a more comprehensive, high-level view of adaptation from start to finish.

Our foundational resources are organized by the different steps in the Adaptation Ladder of Engagement:

  1. Awareness (climate change and your goals)
  2. Assessment (vulnerability or risk assessment)
  3. Planning (identifying solutions)
  4. Implementation (moving from plans to action)
  5. Integration (climate savvy thinking)
  6. Evaluation (what actions are working and what is not working)
  7. Sharing (share with and learn from others)