About the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE)

The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) was launched in July 2010 and is managed by EcoAdapt. CAKE is a knowledge sharing platform featuring high-quality climate change adaptation case studies, tools, and resources spanning all phases of the adaptation process (assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring).

Sea Level Rise

Climate change is happening now.

Frequent and hazardous climate-driven events put our natural and built systems, as well as the communities that depend on their services, at risk. Planning for this reality is an increasing priority at the local, federal, and even international levels. However, with limited time and capacity and an ever-growing list of resources, many have expressed frustration with the time required to sift through databases to find the most relevant resources.

This is where CAKE comes in.

Whether you’re a city planner interested in on-the-ground examples of how your peers implement adaptation strategies, or your brand new to the field and looking to better understand the basics, CAKE has something for you.

Better informed planning for a resilient future.

CAKE is a platform where managers, planners, and the broader community can take more informed action through resources submitted by users and EcoAdapt staff. CAKE is a resource for all knowledge levels and features information spanning geographies, sectors, and phases of the adaptation process.

Through on-the-ground case studies and other resources created by and for the adaptation community, CAKE users have the opportunity to share their own experiences as well as learn from others in the field.

Measuring Sea Level Rise

CAKE is an ever-growing shared knowledge base aimed to enhance climate adaptation action by:

  • Providing accurate, timely, and useful information for existing and future CAKE users.
  • Increasing awareness of adaptation projects, options, practitioners, and resources.
  • Engaging the broader community to develop the field of adaptation.

It consists principally of three interlined components:

Case Studies

CAKE case studies provide examples of adaptation action to:

  • Build the field by providing users on-the-ground examples of actions others are employing around similar ecosystems, impacts, sectors, and strategies
  • Provide users with examples of what others have already done and lessons learned
  • Demonstrate a variety of approaches to adapting to climate change
  • Identify barriers to action and innovative solutions to overcome these barriers


CAKE provides resources on climate change adaptation from scientific journals, grey literature, books, action plans, and multimedia sources to:

  • Provide users with a specialized collection of the best resources available on climate change adaptation
  • Help users quickly and easily identify a full range of available adaptation resources


CAKE directs users to available online tools to help process climate change information and make decisions to:

  • Allow users to identify and assess risks and vulnerabilities to climate change
  • Support adaptation action

It also houses a Community section featuring:

  • Calendar of conferences, webinars, and trainings
  • Opportunities board of job openings and funding opportunities
  • Directory of field practitioners and organizations

For more information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at info@cakex.org.