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The Case Studies Database has been developed by the leading thinkers at EcoAdapt (through their State of Adaptation Program) to provide quick access to information about on-the-ground climate change adaptation projects. Through interviews and surveys, EcoAdapt synthesizes how people are preparing for or responding to climate change. The information collected is compiled into case studies and shared through CAKE.

Case studies are extremely valuable tools for sharing results, approaches, and inspiration. When you need to know how to get started, or what others have done, the case studies found on CAKE offer examples and ideas from other practitioners working on adaptation.

CAKE is always looking to add new case studies to the database. We invite you to submit or recommend a case study for review. We are looking for case studies that:

  • Are relevant to planning and management from a climate change perspective
  • Specifically address adaptation or integrate adaptation into other work
  • Can support climate change adaptation
  • Provide clear details on the actual or planned process, implementation, and outcomes of adaptation projects/initiatives

We appreciate your participation in helping others to learn from existing climate change adaptation efforts!