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The Tools section of CAKE directs you to the wealth of tools available online to help you process climate change information and make adaptation decisions. Climate change information can seem daunting but there are a lot of efforts underway to make it more manageable. Within each Tools entry, you can also find related Case Studies, Virtual Library resources, and Directory entries in the green sidebar; these links provide users with more detailed information about how and by whom a tool has been used. Check out some of these tools and save yourself some time and effort!


CAKE is always looking to add new tools as they become available, especially those that can be linked to projects to demonstrate how the tool has been used. If you know of any key tools or resources that should be included, please recommend them for inclusion here.

We are looking for tools that:

  • Are relevant to planning and management from a climate change perspective
  • Can support climate change adaptation
  • Are open access or otherwise free for all users
  • Have sufficient online guidance so anyone can use them.