The Virtual Library is a complete, managed repository of documents relating to climate change adaptation. It gathers in one place the information relevant to adaptation appearing in

  • traditional conservation journals,
  • grey literature and  reports,
  • books on a range of subjects,
  • videos,
  • state, local, and regional action plans

among other forms. Moreover, no one discipline or traditional field can claim the full range of information needed by practitioners to contend with the novel circumstances created by climate change. It organizes information with a set of filters, so that users can look for documents by:

  • Document type (articles, videos, podcasts, etc.)
  • Habitat/ Biome type (coastal, terrestrial, estuarine, etc.)
  • Jurisdiction (federal, tribal, state, local, etc.)
  • Sector addressed (agriculture, fisheries, wildlife, development, etc.)
  • Tools (decision support, modeling/analysis, monitoring, visualization, etc.)
  • Type of adaptation strategy (create new/enhance existing policy, reduce non-climate stressor, conduct vulnerability assessment, etc.)

These filters will help you clearly target your search to make sure you can find and access the information you are looking for.

Each document is reviewed for its topical relevance by the site’s Content Editor. A separate user rating system establishes which documents CAKE users have found the most useful in their work. The goal of the Virtual Library is to provide the full range of available information on climate adaptation, while helping users quickly and easily identify useful documents.

In addition to meeting basic accuracy and quality requirements, CAKE is looking for documents that:

  • Are focused on climate change adaptation or climate change vulnerability/risk/impact assessments (e.g. adaptation guidebooks, meta-analysis of adaptation recommendations)
  • Provide information directly relevant to climate change adaptation or vulnerability assessment (e.g. studies of a species’ heat tolerance, research on successful stakeholder engagement on climate change)
  • Are related directly to a workshop or case study (e.g. background reading, publications by presenters)


If you are the author or know of an important item that should be included in the library, please recommend its inclusion here.