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Posted on: 5/23/2022 - Updated on: 7/11/2022

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Project Summary

Adopted in 2015, California’s Senate Bill (SB) 379 was created to ensure that climate adaptation is integrated into the general plan review and update process for all cities and counties within California. It supports California’s overall adaptation strategy, Safeguarding California, by ensuring cities and counties are providing for the safety of their communities and planning for adaptation to climate change impacts.

The review and update must consist of:

  • Vulnerability assessment that identifies the risks climate change poses to the local jurisdiction and the geographic areas at risk from climate change.
  • Set of adaptation and resilience goals, policies, and objectives based on the information specified in the vulnerability assessment.
  • Set of feasible implementation measures designed to carry out the goals, policies, and objectives identified in the adaptation objectives.

On June 16th, 2021 Sierra CAMP (Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership), a program of the Sierra Business Council, held a workshop focused on SB 379 entitled, How to Kickstart Your Climate Adaptation Planning. The workshop was organized and conducted to provide technical assistance within Sierra CAMP’s Sierra Nevada Vulnerability Assessment. It was designed to give practical knowledge and lessons learned to planners across the state to help them identify their unique planning needs and connect to helpful adaptation resources as well as other case studies.

With help from the climate planning team at the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, the workshop shared information about requirements under SB 379, highlighting the key resources and different pathways for achieving compliance. It also featured a diverse panel of experts with perspectives from several Sierra Nevada jurisdictions to learn about their climate planning, especially their vulnerability assessments. The workshop included speakers from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, Plumas County, Sierra Business Council, Town of Truckee, and Tuolumne County.

Since the workshop, Sierra CAMP continues to host meetings and workshops focused on mitigation and adaptation in the region. Alongside regular member meetings and public workshops like the SB 379 planning webinar, Sierra CAMP is publishing a Sierra Nevada Regional Climate Vulnerability Assessment (estimated publication date: Autumn, 2022). This project is designed to help Sierra Nevada communities prepare for climate change by examining social, economic, and environmental vulnerabilities.

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The Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership (Sierra CAMP) is a collaborative effort managed by Sierra Business Council. It serves as a dedicated partnership of organizations, businesses & local governments supporting vibrant communities, a resilient environment, and improved quality of life within the Sierra Nevada. Sierra CAMP activates our region on climate change, building connections with downstream stakeholders while promoting climate adaptation & mitigation strategies across the Sierra. Partnership priorities include: