NOAA 2010 Workshop Series: Habitat Conservation in a Changing Climate

Created: 1/19/2010 - Updated: 3/02/2020


In 2010, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will host a series of meetings to create tools and strategies to help natural resource managers and decision makers prepare for changes in climate. These meetings will be focused on selective habitat conservation as a tool for climate change adaptation. Results from the meetings may be published in a document, as a website, or as a series of case studies.


The NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation is actively involved in helping municipalities incorporate sea level rise projections into future management plans. Having assisted regional planners to incorporate climate change impacts, NOAA staff realized that there was another group of decision makers that work in the natural environment that may be trying to plan for climate change. NOAA staff conducted a preliminary, internal survey of resource managers to assess the need for climate change adaptation assistance and it became apparent that managers needed help.


In 2010, NOAA's Office of Habitat Conservation will host a series of meetings targeted at federal agency and state-level habitat managers and selected NGOs. Tentatively, regional meetings will be held for the Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, and the Pacific Northwest. The goals of the regional meetings are:

  1. To build the capacity of managers to conserve coastal habitats in a changing climate, including protection and restoration of land to increase the resilience/adaptation potential to climate change.
  2. To identify key needs and solutions to help advance the protection of coastal habitats into the future.

Outcomes and Conclusions

After the meetings have concluded, the NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation hopes to create a summary document or a website to publish participants’ conclusions and associated case studies.


Information gathered from interviews and online resources. Last updated on 1/19/10.


Feifel, K. (2010). NOAA 2010 Workshop Series: Habitat Conservation in a Changing Climate [Case study on a project of NOAA's Office of Habitat Conservation]. Product of EcoAdapt's State of Adaptation Program. Retrieved from CAKE:… (Last updated January 2010)

Project Contact(s)

Position: Climate Change Coordinator, NOAA Fisheries Service

The NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation’s mission is to protect, conserve, and restore habitats for a broad range of societal benefits and idealizes three primary outcomes: increased protection of habitats, increased restoration of habitats, and increased public awareness and stewardship of habitats. To attain these outcomes, the NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation relies upon ecosystem based decisions, engagement of stakeholders, encouragement of communities to become stewards of the environment, partnerships, and the use of the best available science.


Scale of Project
National / Federal
Sector Addressed
Conservation / Restoration
Education / Outreach
Tourism / Recreation
Target Climate Changes and Impacts
Culture / communities
Fishery harvest
Habitat extent
Invasive / non-native species, pests
Phenological shifts
Range shifts
Salinization / Saltwater intrusion
Sea level rise
Species of concern
Storms or extreme weather events
Water quality
Water supply
Water temperature
Climate Type
1-3 years
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy
Capacity Building
Coordinate planning and management
Host adaptation training or planning workshop
Effort Stage
In progress