Threats to the Conservation of Native Fish in the NW United States: RADical Approaches to the Intersection of Climate Change & Aquatic Invasive Species

Donovan Bell and Jason Dunham
Posted on: 8/05/2022 - Updated on: 4/13/2023

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Project Summary

In this webinar hosted by the Northwest Regional Invasive Species & Climate Change Network (NW RISCC), Dr. Donovan Bell (postdoctoral researcher, University of Montana) discussed how climate change and invasive species influence the distribution of native trout in western Montana and Dr. Jason Dunham (supervisory research ecologist, USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center) introduced the Resist-Accept-Direct or “RAD” concept and how it can apply to managing invasive species in the face of ecological transformation, using trout management as a case study for this framework.

The NW RISCC Network is a partnership of regional agencies and organizations dedicated to helping practitioners address the nexus of climate change and invasive species, including plants, animals, and pathogens. This webinar as well as others in the series are available on the NW RISCC webinars page.

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