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LMI is a not-for-profit strategic consultancy dedicated to helping public sector clients improve their service for the public good. In 2007 our president, Adminal Pilling (late, USN Ret.) served on the Military Advisory Board that first identified climate change as a 'threat multiplier' for national security concerns.

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Senior Climate Adaptation Specialist

ArcticNorth Consulting was established by James Ford (PhD) and Tristan Pearce (PhD) to assist communities, businesses, and industry adapt to a changing climate. Dr. James Ford and Tristan Pearce are award winning scientists with extensive experience working with communities, governments, NGOs, and First Nations Groups across Canada and internationally on climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning. Their work has been disseminated in scholarly journals, books, policy reports, and major international publications (e.g. IPCC Fourth Assessment Report).

Adaptation International is focused exclusively on helping communities, agencies, and organizations prepare for the impacts of climate change. Adaptation International specializes in bridging the gap between climate science and community action and developing the tools and strategies necessary to mainstream climate change preparedness. Adaptation International staff has expertise in climate change science, adaptation strategy development and prioritization, public health, public policy, strategic planning, community engagement, and stakeholder involvement.