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Reforestation and Rehabilitation of Sandy Coastal Protection Forest Along with Short-Term Livelihoods Development for Local Community

Hoa Binh village - located along the coastline in central Vietnam - is seriously exposed to strong storms, sea encroachment, sand moving, drought and coastline erosion. In addition, the village has approximately 123ha of sandy protection forest areas along a 3.5km coastal stretch. The forest was degraded because of bombing in the war, serious storms and over-harvesting of trees for firewood by local people, making the communities more vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather impacts.

Addressing coastal erosion in Marche region, Italy

A series of actions were taken to address erosion in the section of coast between the municipalities of Sirolo and Numana, in the region of Le Marche (Italy), in particular for beach nourishment, principally with gravel and small stones. Cliff stabilisation was another part of the actions, as well as the removal of a portion of artificial reef. The approach for this work was established in the region’s Integrated Coastal Area Managed Plan (released in February 2005). Its broader goals included protecting local settlements and tourism.

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning Study for Water Quality Infrastructure in New Bedford, Fairhaven and Acushnet

The City of New Bedford and the neighboring Towns of Acushnet and Fairhaven are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of sea level rise (SLR), especially in the event of a hurricane barrier failure in a storm. The projected interaction between SLR, increased storm intensity, and heavier precipitation is expected to impact the area’s public and private property including associated water quality infrastructure and at-risk populations.

Strong Housing, Safer Communities: Strategies for Seismic & Flood Risks

This manual was written to make the strategies developed for ABAG and BCDC’s Housing and Community Multiple Hazard Risk Assessment Project accessible and usable for local jurisdictions throughout the Bay Area. It is a resource to support action at multiple levels to address seismic and flooding vulnerabilities in the Bay Area. While we continue to learn about risks in the Bay Area, we know actions that can happen now to help the region become more resilient in the face of earthquakes and flooding.

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DRAFT City of Carpinteria Coastal Vulnerability and Adaptation Project

This 2018 Coastal Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Project (Report) provides the City of Carpinteria (City), public service providers, interested members of the public, and community organizations with a comprehensive, science-based assessment of the vulnerabilities of City resources, structures, and infrastructure, as well as the potential for future damages to the City associated with various coastal hazards, including sea level rise.

Adaptation Action Areas: Fort Lauderdale

Adaptation Action Areas are a designation in the Coastal Management Element of a local government comprehensive plan which identifies one or more areas that experience coastal flooding due to extreme high tides and storm surge, and that are vulnerable to the related impacts of rising sea levels for the purpose of prioritizing funding for infrastructure needs and adaptation planning. These Adaptation Action Areas, or Adaptation Areas, will help the City reach these goals, keeping Fort Lauderdale safe and prepared.