Seattle Parks and Recreation will work with all citizens to be good stewards of our environment, and to provide safe and welcoming opportunities to play, learn, contemplate, and build community.

Seattle Parks and Recreation provides welcoming and safe opportunities to play, learn, contemplate and build community, and promotes responsible stewardship of the land.

Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts: A Bottom-Up Approach to Developing Climate Change Adaptation Strategies


United States
44° 42' 18.3816" N, 89° 49' 27.1884" W

The Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts (WICCI) was created to support the efforts of multiple stakeholders charged with identifying vulnerabilities to climate change and developing adaptation strategies. WICCI released an impacts and adaptation strategies assessment in 2011 as a first step toward developing a statewide climate change adaptation strategy.

Position Title: 
Associate Director of Environmental Programs

The School of Marine and Environmental Affairs (SMEA) at the University of Washington offers an internationally recognized master's degree program for launching careers in marine policy and administration. The Master of Marine Affairs (MMA) program is one of a handful of graduate programs in the United States focused on the intersection of natural and social sciences with public policy. SMEA's strength lies both in its rigorous, interdisciplinary academic program and its faculty research in current marine and coastal issues.

The Vision for the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters in 2030 is: "A City which values its heritage, cultural diversity, sense of place and natural environment. A progressive City which is prosperous, sustainable and socially cohesive, with a strong community spirit".

An exciting era for our City began with the adoption of CityPlan 2030 - Shaping Our Future. CityPlan 2030 is the new blueprint for the preferred future of our City over the next 20 years and beyond.

Thurston County, Washington, is located at the southern end of Puget Sound in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Majestic Mount Rainier and the rugged Cascade Mountains are nearby to the east, while the Pacific Coast is just an hour's drive to the west. Home to more than 245,000 residents, Thurston County is 60 miles south of Seattle and 100 miles north of Portland, Oregon.

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Climate Adaptation Specialist

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state's natural and cultural resources for current and future generations.

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Science Policy Coordinator
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Vice President